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With the GSA Photo Manager the selection of your favourite photos is a breeze, whether for organizing slide shows or simply for viewing and selecting photos.
Make your choice - quickly and targeted - within an single scroll or switch to a multiple photo preview to make your decision by comparison (images can be rotated in both modes).

The images of the resulting list of favourites can now be managed and optimized as follows:

  • Copy to a working directory (optionally)
  • Convert to another format
  • Rename image files (prefix and consecutive number)
  • Resize images to a new size (all standard resample filter are applicable).
  • Read camera position (JPG with EXIF-Header)
  • Automatic generation of one or more previewing HTML pages (HTML generator) with a corresponding image overview ( every image can be opened in a new window in full screen mode)
  • FTP Upload of the generated HTML pages
  • Slide show in 'blending in technique' and with optimized image sizes
  • Create mosaic images

The resulting list of favourites can be stored with all made settings for later processing or presenting. So individual slide shows can be organized without copying or moving the original images from their folders.

Create a photo CD with your favorite photos with an image size ideally suited for photo paper (picture size conversion).

Documentation and Videos

Detailed instructions for GSA Photo Manager are available on our 'Manuals and Docus' page. Here you can also find more documentation videos.

Custom Version or Feature Request

Please contact us if you need any custom version or if you are missing an important feature in the software. We are glad to help you with any problems you have.